Navoi International Airport to introduce Customs Bonded Warehouse at the airport territory from May 10, 2013

May 10 2013
Navoi International Airport has introduced Customs Bonded Warehouse in the airport’s Cargo Terminal from May 10, 2013. The airport initiated the idea of organizing Customs Bonded Warehouse in the airport territory, with the purpose of creating customer-friendly environment. Thanks to close cooperation between the airport management and Navoi Regional Customs Administration, the airport achieved to organize Customs Bonded Warehouse with total space of 290 square meters.   

The objective of the Customs Bonded Warehouse is to provide efficient, safe and cost effective services to importers and exporters. The facility, has its own on site Customs Office providing 24/7 clearance and monitoring of shipments. IT-system at the Bonded Warehouse is interfaced with Navoi Regional customs and the regional customs have a permanent presence at the gate for inspection of inbound/ outbound cargo.

Advantages of the Bonded Warehouse are:

·  Customs duty to be paid only at the time of moving cargo out of CBW
·  Customs clearance procedures simplified and convenient
·  Simple import and export process
·  Direct delivery of cargo from air-land to bonded warehouse

From May 10th 2003, customers can start using newly organized Customs Bonded Warehouse of Navoi International Airport

The airport is also providing trucking service to nearby cities (Navoi downtown, Bukhara, Samarkand and others). This will also help customers save time and cost.

For further information bonded warehouse and trucking service, please contact Cargo Department on (8436) 770-31-94 or e-mail at
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