«Sogdiana» Stadium

Sogdiana is a versatile stadium where variety of sportsmen train, such as football players, athletes, boxers, wrestlers, karate fighters, gymnasts, weight lifters and others. Most important tournaments and competitions are held in this stadium. By the way, Navoi City soccer team "Zarafshan" plays hosting matches on the stadium. Besides sport events, many holiday ceremonies, performances and concerts of national singers are held here.

«Himik» Stadium

Similar to Sogdiana Stadium, Himik is also a versatile stadium with variety sport options. If the first one is located in the center of the city, the latter is just few kilometers away from the downtown.

«Sport» Palace

The complex is another famous sport center in the city. People come here and have variety sports to choose to sign up. Basketball, volleyball, table tennis and different type of martial art exist here. Professional instructors will take care of your training program, which will allow you to achieve high results.

«Delphin» Swimming Pool

This is a neat swimming complex with availability of three pools, sauna and fitness club. One is kids’ pool and two are adults. The complex is home for many known in the country professional swimmers. But it welcomes amateur swimmers as well.

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