Cargo Terminal

NVI International Airport Cargo Terminal was opened in August 2010. It is built and designed with innovative technology. The design itself was taken from Incheon Airport Cargo Terminal which is the hub of Korean Air Cargo, one of the world's largest cargo airlines. 
NVI Cargo Terminal's capacity is built to serve 300 tons cargo a day (100,000 tons a year) to store and protect freight from extreme weather and provides efficient handling service for import, export and transit shipments by using sophisticated facilities and equipments. The facility is currently being used by "Korean Air" and "Uzbekistan Airways" and is ready to serve our new airline partners.

Key Fact & Figures
Warehouse Area

16,800m2 (120m x 140m) - including canopy area

12,240m2 (120m x 102m) - excluding canopy area


Cargo Processing Capacity


100,000 Ton/Yearly (300 Ton/Daily)

Opening Date August 12, 2010





Valuable Room - 36m2 (12m x 3m)
Animal Quarantine Room - 72m2 (12m x 6m)
Operation Building - 1,512 m2 (28m x 18m, 3 storey)

Truck Dock Leveler - 8 EA
Wing Body Truck Dock - 2 EA
Floor scale - 3 EA (5Ton 2EA, 20Ton 1EA )

Work Station - 6 set

Facilities & Equipments
Cold room
Cool Room
720m2 (Cargo Capacity: Max. 200 Ton) * Temperature 2~8º
- Cool Room is available for the cold storage. Cool Room unit is fast cooling. The room is fitted with an air cooled refrigeration system capable of holding foodstuffs at the required temperature i.e. Chilled foods: +2 to + 8C. The unit can operate in ambient temperatures up to + 2C and optional tropical version if required. Cool room offers clear access and unloading facilities where necessary.
Warm room
Freezer Room
144m2 (Cargo Capacity: Max. 45 Ton) * Temperature -15 ~ -25º

Freezer room can maintain tight temperatures at -15~-25º and store shipments up to 40~45 tons, whether they are loose or in containers. It strictly complies with safety rules, and quick freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available in our freezer room. It has a fully automatic control system and every panel meets the latest international standards for food safety, fire redundancy, thermal efficiency and ozone friendliness. Every measure has been taken to ensure that all your expectations and requirements are met.

Warm room _Cargo terminal
Warm Room
72m2 (12m x 6m)* Temperature 22º
Perishable cargoes demanding special temperature modes (flowers, a foodstuff ) are processed and stored in warm room. Observing a microclimate safety and quality of cargo is provided. Our experienced staff has passed relevant trainings, has invaluable experience and can provide high degree of safety of cargo. The temperature in the warm room can be varied from 5 to 20 degree Celsius to support varieties of shipments that required different temperature. To ensure that they will be fresh all the way.
Operational building
Operation Building

504m2 (18mx28m, 3 storey)

Operation Building is designed as the operational and administrative center of the warehouse. This building of the master plan will play a significant role in coordination of 24 hours warehouse and ramp operations. Security, fire alarm system, CCTV surveillance are located in operation building.




Outdoor Facilities
Cargo terminal Admin Building
Administration Building
2,916 m2 (54m x 18m, 3 Story)
Administration Building is three-story, 2,916 square meters building. Construction of the facility began in February, 2009 with occupancy in August, 2010. It is a multi-purpose facility with offices to lease out and office rooms for Cargo employees in various administrative departments.


Cargo terminal Dangerous Goods storage

Dangerous Goods Storage

516 m2 (43m x 12m)

Dangerous Goods Storage is well ventilated and well lit, separated from ignition sources, secured from the public, protected from temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight, Shelving/cupboards is constructed of chemically resistant materials and provided with a lip at the front of the shelf.




Train-Transferring Yard

The train-transferring yard plays a key role in providing our airport's air+rail transportation services and enables handling almost all types of cargo. The exclusive space, efficiently located next to railway, is a well organized, highly orchestrated control center that is capable of processing several hundred tons of cargo a day.
Security & Safety


For peace of mind of our customers, the newly built, Navoi Cargo Terminal provides highest level of security including CCTV surveillance, military security guards, X-ray scanners, automated fire drills and fire fighting systems, etc.The entry to the airport is tightly controlled by military guards of the unit attached to the airport. Each person and all vehicles are scanned and checked prior to entry. For the security of our customers, employees and commercial interests of our customers, we do not allow any photo and/or video filming in the airport. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you.



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